LA DEMOCRACIA MEDIOAMBIENTAL. Preservar nuestra parte de naturaleza.

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In the face of the impressive display of technological power and the threats it entails, our time is increasingly aware of the need to defend a principle of responsibility towards future generations, life, and the Earth. However, it is not self-evident that a political regime can embody such an ethical principle. Indeed, on one hand, it is unclear how we could represent the interests of future generations since they have not yet been born, and on the other hand, how to defend the interests of living beings and the Earth, as they are not subjects of rights. Should we conclude from this that the new ethical demand is merely an unrealizable utopia that could even be dangerous for democracies if we were to desperately seek its embodiment? In fact, while we can criticize democracy for not caring about the planet, living beings, and future generations, we can also criticize a regime that claims to defend such interests at the expense of the rights of classical subjects, that is, contemporary humanity. This book, originally published in French by PUF (Presses Universitaires de France) and translated into Spanish for this edition, proposes to explore the paths to a reconciliation between the ethical and the political through the concept of environmental democracy.

"We no longer have to care for a specific province of the universe; it is the Earth itself that requires our attention. To the universalized technical action, we must add a more essential ethical action necessary for its regulation."

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