Plantas Medicinales y Comestibles del Bosque Patagonico - Parte I - Exóticas - NUEVO LANZAMIENTO

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In light of the famous quote by Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," this book presents a compilation of medicinal and edible plants from the mountain forests of Argentina.

The book features 80 plant species from different botanical families, organized alphabetically by their most commonly used common names. Each species is individually addressed, providing information about its accepted scientific name, authors, other common names, botanical characteristics (habit, leaves, flowers, fruits), detailed maps of geographical distribution, habitat, medicinal and edible uses, glossary of botanical and medicinal terms, illustrative images, and a comprehensive bibliography. Additionally, an index with the scientific and common names of the species is included.

Authors: Adriana Kutschker, Viviana Hechem Patricia Codesal, Marcia Rafael, Sofía López, and Valeria Silva / 194 pages / Softcover / Editorial LBN / Spanish

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