Snakes of Argentina - Complete Guide

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Snakes of Argentina is a long-awaited work, unique in its genre, since for the first time all the species and subspecies of snakes occurring in the Argentine territory are gathered and illustrated in a single book. This book will introduce the reader to the little-known world of snakes, and it is also an indispensable tool to identify them correctly. Each species has a complete profile, illustrated with first-class photographs, distribution maps, descriptions, and natural history information. It also provides updated information about their behavior, their venoms, and the potential danger of each species, thus avoiding negative interactions towards snakes in general, promoting respect and concern for them. It contains 138 complete data sheets, including species and subspecies, 536 photographs and 140 maps.

It contains 138 complete profiles, including species and subspecies, 536 photographs, and 140 maps.

English / Size: 17 x 24 / Pages: 351 / Softcover / Authors: Jorge D. Williams - David G. Vera - Editor Hernán Povedano- English Editor: Paul Freed