Catalogo de Nombres Comunes de la Flora Argentina

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This catalog includes a compilation of over 10,000 common names corresponding to 3,280 scientific names, referring to the flora of Argentina. It also includes some species names from neighboring countries and economically important cultivated species. The reader will be able to find the scientific name of a species, along with its corresponding botanical family, by using its scientific name. Additionally, the catalog provides an arrangement by families to facilitate easy reference. The authors did not aim to indicate the specific geographical location where a particular common name is used for a species. Often, a species has multiple vernacular names in different regions or provinces of Argentina. Therefore, to determine in which provinces a species grows, the reader can refer to the works of Zuloaga et al. (1994) and Zuloaga & Morrone (1996, 1999).

464 pages - Softcover - Spanish

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