Guía para la identificación de huellas de mamíferos de Misiones y otras áreas del subtrópico de Argentina

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The present guide aims to be a tool for the identification of the tracks of medium and large mammals in the portion of the Atlantic Forest in the province of Misiones, known as the Paraná Rainforest or the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest. Many of the mammal species in the Paraná Rainforest, especially those of medium and large size, are also found in other regions of northern Argentina (Chaco and Yungas), so this guide can assist in identifying a large number of mammals in these regions. We also hope that it serves as an incentive or support for nature enthusiasts who simply want to enjoy learning about the mammal fauna of Misiones.

Author(s): Carlos De Angelo - Agustín Paviolo - Yamil Di Blanco - Mario Di Bitetti
Publisher: Ediciones del Subtrópico. Fundación ProYungas
Publication Year: 2017
Size: 15x21 cm
112 pages

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